New: Dutch facades miniatures

The front view of the facade miniature of Vlamingstraat 42 in Delft is a faithful copy of the seventeenth century facade as painted frontally by Johannes Vermeer in his painting "The Little Street".
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We make true-to-life miniatures of existing premises and fašades, for example of your own house, farm, shop, business premises, etc.

Our miniatures stand out from average scale models and replicas because of the attention for detail and our aim to imitate reality as true to life as possible. Handicraft and patience are combined with a great thoroughness in scale-bound precision, working details and the finish. The result is an exclusive and sustainable collector’s item in your home or company.

With presentations we place the miniatures on a dark grey slate plate with a glass dust cap. If required, they can be supplied to size with the miniature.

Dutch Facades
Your own house in miniature