If you are interested in having a miniature built, we work as follows..

Visit and offer

The first step is that we make an appointment with you to visit and view the premises in question. During this inspection we thoroughly examine the outside of the premises. We also discuss the most suitable scale for building your miniature. This will roughly be between 1:50 and 1:100, but we prefer to build on a scale of approximately 1:80. Our experience is that our customers are very impressed with this scale.

After our visit you receive an offer. The inspection and our offer are free and obviously without obligations. However, when we have to travel abroad to make an offer, we charge travel and accommodation expenses.

Price indication

If you would like to have a rough idea of the costs, it is possible to give a price indication on the basis of photos. In that case you can send us photos of the object to be built by post or e-mail, on which all sides of the premises can be seen. The more details you show on the photos, the more realistic the price indication will be in relation to the final offer.

Taking details

After our offer has been accepted, we take the details of the premises. In order to build your premises in the right scale proportions, it is absolutely vital to have exact dimensions. Existing construction drawings are very welcome. Because the miniature is first completely drawn on the computer, we take many measurements of the premises. We also make a photo series of the premises, so that we can examine all details again in the studio. And with colour samples we establish the exact colours of the stucco and paintwork, for example.

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